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Ghap village is situated in the center of the Nubri region, a tourist restricted area region situated near Mount Manaslu in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Ghap is only accessible by foot (4/5 days walking from the nearest road; Arughat) or by helicopter which the locals can't afford. It very remote, and also one of the poorest villages in Nubri. The population of the Ghap is predominantly Tibetan Buddhist and speaks a dialect of Tibetan.

Because of the village’s geographical central place for the Nubri and Tsum valley municipality, the government's Nubri Basic School (Ghap School) welcomes 87 students from both sides of the Nubri and lower Tsum and runs from grade 1 to 8. The school comprises six small buildings; one each for boys' and girls' dorm, one for dining hall and kitchen the remaining for classrooms.


After the 2015 earthquake, in order to reconstruct and to continue providing the education to these young children which they can't get otherwise, the school welcomed funds from all possible sources. Mountain Child; an INGO extended their support and ever since has been helping us with school uniforms and staff salaries.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the school's main donors from Britain have discontinued their support of funds to the Ghap school. Ever since their discontinuation of the donations from the beginning of last year, we have had our struggle and failed in providing quality education and well balanced nutritious food to the children. It was then when we were approached by the school chairman; Mr. Nyima Gyalpo requesting support and help. We then in collaboration with Rokpa Tsokpa began extending our support for the smooth running of this beautiful school.


This school not only provides quality education to the children but also helps in preserving the region's unique cultural and religious traditions by encouraging parents to keep their children within the village. The funding of the school would also enable Mr. Nyima; the school chairman to explore and find a sustainable source of income, including the support from government in the future, and make the Ghap community resilient and sustainable.

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