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Following Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s inspiration of helping all sentient beings get rid of suffering and achieve happiness, and seeing the wounds on the backs of the mules and horses which carried the greenhouses construction material from lower Gorkha to Samagaun and Samdo for TCN’s 2022 bioclimatic greenhouses project, TCN decided to start a project to help make carrying loads easier and safer for mules and horses, and take care of the street dogs, cats, and chickens in the village of Samagaun who are very often fleas and parasite infested. 

We will start dispensing basic veterinary care to all these animals and are in the process of researching and designing protective traditional carpets, leather cruppers and harnesses to help fix loads on mules backs to minimize wounds. 

We are looking for funds to finance:

  •  yearly salaries of our 2 staff who will take care for the animals (826 USD/year/staff), and 

  • the making of protective carpets and leather cruppers and harnesses for the mules (1,548 USD) and 

  • staffs’ basic veterinary training (600 USD). 


The total amount needed is 3,800 USD. 

Please give generously so alleviate the suffering of animals in Nubri!

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