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"Songs, Blocks, Delicious Lunch, Nap and Snacks;
Our attempt to provide the Best Childhood."

By Pema N. Lama
Prok, Manaslu Circuit. 

August 10, 2021

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Songs. Blocks. Snack time. Today it’s a staple of childhood for most around the world. But kindergarten has been a part of the Nepali education only lately. Until the 1950s, Nepal remained virtually isolated from the outside world. In Nepal, formal school education has been in the process of development only since the 1950s. The total literacy rate was about 2% then. It was only around the late 1950s that primary education started to develop in Nepal and particularly early childhood education was the most neglected aspect in the whole education system of Nepal.

Today the Nepalese education system is rapidly expanding and striving to meet the needs of children but only in urban cities. The government has failed largely in providing quality education in all corners of the country particularly the mountains because of inaccessible roads, extreme weather conditions, and poor systematic governance. 

Gyayul being one of the poor villages in the Nubri region had a small government school but failed to operate because of a lack of educational supplies, irregular teacher attendance, and improper supervision. It was only last year when few of the youngsters from the village decided to take the matter in hands and started seeking possible help. Fortunately, the youngsters and the village head monk got in contact with His Eminence Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Tergar Charity in collaboration with the generous support from Pema Chodron Foundation has been able to renovate and turn the old school building into a new child-friendly classroom, bring necessary education materials from Kathmandu, provide healthy food, and most importantly, dedicated & well-trained teachers. The kindergarten officially started in July of 2021. 

Children, Parents, School Committee and Administrations gathering at Kindergarten's Openin

In Photo: Children, parents and school committee gather on the opening day.