Since 2008, 35% of the native forests around Samagaun, Mingyur Rinpoche’s native village situated in the high Himalayas of Nepal, in the Manaslu Conservation Area (MCA), have been deforested, and most of the wood went to waste in the process because of poor tools and cutting techniques. This resulted in a construction timber shortage in the community, with villagers having to import iron beams at high price from Kathmandu in order to build houses; women, traditionally in charge of the collection of firewood, were hit the hardest by wood shortage and have now to walk 1.5 hours one way to collect supplies needed in the autumn and winter.


This situation spurred Tergar Charity Nepal to act, to help mitigate the effects of climate change in Samagaun, as well as do their part to help prevent global warming in the Himalayan region.


A community reforestation project is set to start in March 2022, in collaboration with respected community leaders and head of Samagaun village. 3,000 native trees (Himalayan Pine, Himalayan Cypress, Himalayan Birch) will be planted in a nursery.


The project will last 6 years and aims at planting 75,000 trees. It will empower women and Dalit groups by overseeing the creation of a community forest user group; made of 85% of women, this group will decide of the native species of trees planted, their use, (conservation, construction, or firewood), and to what community project the funds generated by future commercialization of trees be dedicated to.


This project needs your help to happen.